Sunday, September 20, 2009

School, bowling and more!

Ethan with his backpack on his first day of school.

Cam in his cool bowling shoes.

Jack in his bowling debut

Ethan giving it all he's got. We had to hope for a gust of wind to help the ball make it to the pins!

This week Ethan started pre-school. He loves it! School is his thing. His favorite part is play dough. I think kids should play with play dough all through high school. Maybe it would improve behavior!

All three kids went to my nephew's bowling party and had a blast. Jack jumped up and down and clapped each time he went. Check out the cool ramps they have for the little kids. It was great fun and I can't believe Robbie is 6!

Jack learned how to drink from a straw! Okay probably not that exciting for you, but we were really excited. It's the first time in his whole life that he was able to suck. Maybe it will mean less spills around the house :). Jack was pretty thrilled himself. He had a very proud face when he was able to get mommy's coke out of the straw. I guess he just needed the right motivation.

Fun conversations and quotes at our house:

After soccer: me : "Ethan what did you learn at soccer today?" Ethan: "How to corner kick" Me: How do you do that?" Ethan looking at me stupidly, "You kick it from the corner".

Ethan, " Mommy I am looking forward to going on the Polar Express". Me, "me too". Ethan, "Mommy, when do we look backward?"

Cam's version of the veggie tales song..."Mac n cheese, celery, gotta be veggie tales". Here he has been eating plenty of veggies and we just didn't realize it! Who knew???

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